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Tiledesk Chat – Right sidebar

Show the sidebar

To display the sidebar, press the “i” button in the upper right corner of the window.

show info conversation sidebar

Info conversation

The first section of the bar provides all the information about the conversation in progress.
They are displayed:

  • Client’s name.
  • Number of participants in the conversation.
  • Uid (Unique identifier of the conversation)
  • Creation date
  • Reqest detail
info conversation

The Request Details button leads to the Dashboard Request Details page with additional information.

Info Attributes

The second section provides technical information about the conversation.

  • Clients: Browser and operating system used by the client.
  • Source: Provenance page of the support request.
  • Department: Department concerned.
  • Project ID: Unique ID of the project.
  • Requester ID: Unique identifier of the requester
info attributes


List of chat participants. The status is also highlighted with the green dot (online) or the red dot (offline).



  • With this menu you can:
  • Send by email: Send a transcript of the chat content to our email address.
  • Video Call: Make a video call with the customer.
  • Close: Close the conversation.
  • Leave the group: Exit the chat.

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