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Tiledesk Enterprise edition

Tiledesk Enterprise edition licence provide a professional support package.
The support package is provided remotely as “Tickets” open with the support engineering staff.
Here follows the description of the services provided in these packages.

Enterprise licence Support package

This offering is the most appropriate if you need Tiledesk to know you, your environment, and your Tiledesk integration solution. All support cases submitted are given the highest priority and have the shortest targeted response times.This Service is for you if you:‌

  • Have a large project
  • Want a designated Tiledesk Technical staff member to be part of your team
  • Need help managing your issues
  • Would like a preview of the product road map
  • Require Best Practice advice
  • Need someone who knows your technical environment and is able to offer proactive support geared specifically to your needs
  • Require a designated technical contact
  • Would like an annual health check
  • Need scalability testing
  • Desire a specific Tiledesk Product Training for your staff‌

The Tiledesk Enterprise Support Program provides large enterprise customers with a Tiledesk Service Engineer dedicated to the planning, deployment, and day-to-day maintenance of your Tiledesk product solution. This resource serves as the primary point of contact for all technical issues and requests, optimizes the Tiledesk solution to meet demanding user requirements and helps content managers plan for future growth. With this program, your dedicated Tiledesk Service Engineer works for you remotely from our offices.‌

With this program Tiledesk provides a highly skilled, proactive Technical Account Manager (TAM) who acts as a single point of contact into the Tiledesk global support organization. This resource is assigned to you, has a detailed knowledge of your work environment and business needs, and acts as your advocate, ensuring that support issues and technical requests are addressed and resolved quickly.

Source code modifications warranty

While Tiledesk is provided as open source software we strictly follow the Open-closed principle.‌

See here: Open-closed principle on Wikipedia

Tiledesk promotes many extension points (webhooks, APIs, events, triggers etc.) that can be used to modify the application behaviour, get events’ notifications or data in real time, customize the User Interfaces etc.‌

We always discourage our Users and Clients to modify the application core as well as UI components. If you need to heavily modify your UI components always provide your own new features in totally new components built on top of Tiledesk APIs.‌

Modifying original Tiledesk components irreversibly affects the frequent updates released to fix important bugs, to improve performance and that add new features. Moreover, on the supported plans, our engineering team can only provide consulting on original versions of the components without incurring in extra efforts.‌

For all of the above reasons we never provide support for modified versions of our software.‌

For the paid Support Packages, warranty always decades on modified components of the platform.

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