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Facebook Messenger

Within Tiledesk, you can manage your page messages and correspondence with our integration with Facebook.

Step 1. Configured with Facebook

First Login in Tiledesk Dashboard, then click “Apps” in the left menu and click Install on the Facebook icon.

You will then be redirected to Facebook to enter your email and password.

Facebook changed their user policies recently, while logged in, you will need to give Facebook permission to send page messages. This integration will not work without this permission.

From there, you can also add all Facebook Pages that you want your Webhook to receive events for when people on Facebook Messenger chat with it.

For that, please follow the instructions below:

Add/reconnect Facebook Pages again and click allow/yes to all permissions.

Give Tiledesk permission to access data.

Once completed, you will see a confirmation page.  

Step 2. Page Subscribed

Select from dropdown you Facebook page then click on Enable Page button to subscribe to the page messaging event. If you haven’t created any pages, then please create a page to subscribe.

You will see the selected pages on the right side of the page.

Step 3. Message Sent from page

Now open your subscribed page ex: Tiledesk portal and send a text message from there.

After that, go to the Tiledesk dashboard and check your chats.

If you have any questions or need further help, please come into Live Chat or email

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