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Handoff to human agents

What if, during a conversation with your chatbot you want the user to opt for a switch to a human agent?

The simplest thing that you can do is adding a specific answer to your Response bot that will switch to a human agent with a specific instruction in the reply.

Train the ‘talk to agent’ intent

Open your Response bot console. Add a new Answer. Let’s call this Answer’s intent ‘Agent handoff’.

We’ll train this intent with a single phrase (more phrases can be added as a convenience).

Now the intent will reply with:

We are putting you in touch with an operator...

Copy and paste this text in the Responses section of the “Agent handoff” intent:

The \agent keyword, at the end of the reply phrase, will never be shown to the enduser. It is an instruction for Tiledesk to switch the conversation to humans. As soon as Tiledesk see this instruction in the text it will remove the current chatbot (your chatbot) from the corresponding conversation and will try to invite a human, following the current department rules. If no agents are available the conversation will wait in the “unserved” queue until an agent becomes available again.

To test the new “Talk to agent” intent we also place a button under every question (using Microlanguage) to allow the user to ask for an agent after each reply. Let’s train, for instance, the Default Welcome Intent Intent to show this optional button (using Microlanguage you can easily add a button with * symbol (starting a new line) followed by one space and the button text. See Styling buttons and Microlanguage guide for more info on how to create buttons)

Hi! How are you doing?
* Just questions
* Talk to agent
Insert a button in each reply to explicitly ask to switch to an agent

From now on every Welcome intent reply will show a “Talk to agent” button.

If we tap the that button the “Talk to agent” intent will be decoded and the user will be routed to an agent on the current department (following the department routing rules, opening hours and agents availability).

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Enjoy Tiledesk!

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