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Setting up Chat Routing

After the creation of a project are enabled the routing default rules (Note: The default routings rules will be ignored if at least one department exists).

You can setting up routing rules by clicking Settings > Routing in the left panel of the dashboard.

Routing rules


Select a bot that responds to visitor requests prior to the agent’s engagement, or by selecting the “bot only” option. With this option the bot will never forword the request to the agent.

The agents commitment options are:


Assigned chats help maintain an even workload distribution, especially for larger teams. Chats are evenly automatically assigned amongst all agents or only to those of a group.

Pooled chats give agents more autonomy, allowing them to work at their own pace. With the “Pooled” option, requests are not directly assigned but are listed in the Unassigned conversations list under the Conversations page of the dashboard. Depending on the option chosen, the requests will be displayed by all the agents or by the selected group.

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