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Understanding default roles

About Chat default roles

By default, each Tiledesk project includes three roles: Agent, Administrator, and Owner. Each of these roles by default has standard permissions and abilities.

Agents can:

  • Chat with customers
  • View and manage active or archived chats assigned to him or to the group he belongs to (if he belongs to a department configured with a group).
  • Add another teammates to a conversation assigned to him or to the group he belongs to and can forward a conversation to another teammate
  • Configure personal settings
  • View the contacts
  • Cancel the personal account

Administrators have all of the default agent privileges. In addition, an administrator can:

  • View all the active and archived chats
  • Archive all the conversations
  • Configure global and personal settings
  • Invite agents
  • Manage triggers, departments and groups
  • Create canned responses and tags
  • Install apps from the marketplace
  • See the Analytics

The owner has all the default administrator and agent privileges. In addition, the account owner can:

  • Upgrade or downgrade the account’s plan
  • Delete permanently chats
  • Delete permanently contacts
  • Change the teammate role
  • Remove a teammate from the project
  • Cancel the project account

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