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Service Level Targets (SLTs)

For the period in which all payments have been made correctly and the Company remains fully in agreement with the Terms and Conditions, Tiledesk will make all reasonable efforts to provide the necessary support.‌

The Company agrees to send his support requests to Tiledesk through the tools prepared and communicated in the purchase order. Requests outside the channels indicated in the order will not be taken into consideration.‌

Intervention times always depend on the extent of the problem encountered and are shown below.

How does the support work?

Tiledesk will make every reasonable effort to ensure maximum availability of the self-hosted installation infrastructure.‌

Below are the target response times for a support case based on the customer’s Enterprise Plan type and support case severity level.

SeverityShort titleResponse time
One (1)Production System Down2 Business hour
Two (2)Production/Development – Major Impact4 Business hours
Three (3)Production/Development – Minor Impact1 Business day
Four (4)Question/How-to/Enhancement2 Business day

Subsequent Service Level Target Response Times

SeverityShort titleResponse time
One (1)Production System DownBusiness hourly
Two (2)Production/Development – Major ImpactEvery two business days
Three (3)Production/Development – Minor ImpactEvery three business days
Four (4)Question/How-to/EnhancementEvery five business days

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