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Canned responses in the agent chat

Quick responses on live chat are crucial for customer satisfaction. That’s where canned responses come in handy. They help agents avoid delays and save them from typing the same answer over and over again.

Canned responses are predefined responses that can be called during the chat. To use it in Tidio, you type “/” (forward slash) and follow it with a word or the first few letters of any word that is included in the response.

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Adding canned responses

Here you can create new canned responses from scratch, edit existing ones, and delete the ones you no longer use. Follow the steps below to add a new one:

  • To begin, go to SettingsCanned responses.
  • Click on “Create response” button
  • Then, enter the canned response text.
  • And choose a shortcut title.
  • Click Add this response button to save it.

Customizing the response

You can also create a more engaging experience for your customers by using personalization in your message:

1) When editing a message, you can insert a personalization field by first selecting the area in which you’d like to create the field.

2) Next, click the ADD PERSONALIZATION button

3) Clicking the ADD PERSONALIZATION button will provide a list where you can select which personalization value you would like to add to your message.

Editing canned responses

Your replies can get old and out of date after some time. You can easily modify them in the following way:

  • First, go to Canned responses.
  • Find the response you want to edit, hover your cursor over it and click edit.
  • Here, you can change the text of the response.
  • And/or its shortcuts title.
  • Click on Save changes to finish up.

Deleting canned responses

If you no longer need a particular response, you can delete it by following these steps:

  • Navigate to Canned responses and find the response you want to delete.
  • Click the delete button.

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