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Using Tiledesk Chat

Responding to or initiating a chat with a visitor

This section describes basics of how to chat with visitors to your website.

Answering a chat

To start chatting with a visitor, click the Conversations menu in the left menu of the dashboard.

Select a conversation, click on the Join To Chat button and then click on the Open the Chat button and start chatting with the user.

The right sidebar shows the essential information about the selected request.

After joining the chat you can provide customer support with the web chat client. You can chat with the customer, add images and files and view customer info on the left sidebar.

Ending a chat

To close the requests use the “X” button in the right sidebar.

With the left sidebar menu you can:

  • Start a new chat with a simple search field.
  • View the history of closed conversations.
  • Access your profile.

Reassign a chat

To transfer a chat to an agent

  1. Select Reassign request from the requests details window’s Actions drop-down menu.
  2. Select an agent from the window.
  3. Click Reassign button.

You can chat with other agents either by adding them to an existing conversation with a visitor or in a separate chat without any visitors. Note that agents cannot share files when chatting with other agents.

Adding another Teammate to the chat

To add another agent to a chat with a visitor

  1. Select Add Teammate from the chat window’s Actions drop-down menu.

After that select the teammate to invite in the conversation and click on the link “Assign to

To leave the chat and have the other agent take over, click Leave.

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