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Create a Bot

When a customer chats in through TileDesk, you may not always be around to respond. Luckily, you can configure a Bot to help you and then activates it in a Department.

To create a Bot go to the dashboard sidebar and click Settings > Bots.

Then use the ADD BOT button to create the bot.

Choose the bot type

Enter the name to identify your bot and optionally the description.

Native Bot

If you have selected Native Bot you can decide to add the FAQs or return to the bots list and add the FAQs later.

You can enter the FAQs manually or upload them via csv and then run test queries.

Use the ADD FAQ button to manually enter a FAQ.

Fill in the “Question” and “Answer” fields and create the new FAQ.

You can quickly enter a list of “FAQs” via CSV.

Use the “UPLOAD FAQs” button. Enter the symbol used to separate the columns and load the .CSV file.

Once you have uploaded your “FAQs” you can proceed to test them. Click the “BOT QUERY” button.

Enter your question and press “RUN TEST” to display the answer FAQ.

Chat bot routing rules

Now you can easily setting up the routing rules of your bot. Follow this instructions.

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