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Self-hosted packages

Self-Hosted packages are provided to offer the following advantages over the SaaS solution (Tiledesk Cloud):‌

  • Full control over your website and software
  • Private data, nobody but you will have access to it
  • You are free to use all your server’s resources
  • You can install any plugin or theme you want to
  • You can use your own custom domain name
  • You can add your own advertisements or not have them at all

General descriptions of Tiledesk’s self-hosted packages main features will follow.

Community Edition

Tiledesk Community Edition is intended for developers and technical enthusiasts who want to experience the latest Tiledesk features in non-critical environments. It also serves as the research vehicle for new features and as the platform for community-driven development and contributions. An organization should only use Tiledesk Community Edition in production if they are willing to invest the resources necessary to self support their deployment with testing, problem resolution, upgrades, maintenance while also adapting the product to the needs of the enterprise.

Enterprise Edition

Tiledesk Enterprise Edition is best suited for organizations that need enterprise-grade platform features related to scalability, performance, high availability, enterprise administration, and proprietary integrations. Tiledesk Enterprise is recommended for corporations, governments and other organizations looking for an enterprise scale, in-house, production-ready Live Chat and Chatbot integration solution.‌

Please carefully read all the provided documentation to fully understand how Tiledesk’s support services work and can fit the needs of your Company.

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