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When to use Zapier with Tiledesk?

This integration will save you time by performing repetitive tasks for you. You can automate workflows which previously had to be done manually with the connections called – Zaps.

With Tiledesk as the Trigger for Zaps, you’ll never have to export contacts collected through the Tiledesk from chat manually again.

Using Zapier, you can send Tiledesk chat ended transcripts to create new Tickets, leads and contacts or emails in your CRM or emails and much more :

Create a lead in the CRM of your choice

With the Zapier integration, you can make sure every valuable contact will be sent to your CRM regardless of it being integrated internally in Tiledesk!

There is a wide variety of CRMs available out there. Now, you can automatically send contacts and leads to every one of them, as long as they are available in Zapier.

What is important is that it will happen automatically, as a part of your automation you use to gather the visitor data.

Get an email notification for every incoming message

If you value each and every message you receive from your customers, you don’t want to miss on a sales opportunity and want to be extra sure you get the message no matter where you are – use the Zapier integration to be notified about each message by email right away!

How to setup the integration

Creating a Zap consists of three parts:

  • Setting up the Zap
  • Configure the App
  • Launching the Zap.

1. Setting up the Zap

First Login in Tiledesk Dashboard, then click “Apps” in the left menu and click on the Zapier icon.

Click on Make a Zap button

Select the app

Select Tiledesk from the App field.

Select Trigger

Select Trigger From Tiledesk Trigger Zap, the trigger will be called when a new event occurs.

Tiledesk supports the following triggers:

  • New Lead. Triggers when a new lead is created
  • New Request. Triggers when a new conversation or a request is created by a visitor or a user in Tiledesk
  • Request closed. Trigger when you close a conversation or a request
  • Request update. Triggers when the conversation or the request is updated
  • New Message. Triggers when a new message is sent by a visitor or an agent in Tiledesk

After applying it to your Zap click “Continue” to proceed.

2. Configure the App

Connect your Tiledesk account to zap. Insert your email and password and click the Continue button

Select your Tiledesk project.

Test the trigger and click continue.

Connect Action App

After you have selected an action, connect with your Gmail account and click “Save + Continue”. You can select your Gmail account from existing accounts or create a new account.

Customize the email specifying the to field

the from, subject and the body fields

Test the action by click the Test & Continue button

Remember to Turn On the zap at the end of the process.

If you have any questions or need help, come to Live Chat or email us at

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